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How To Survive When You Live In A Tiny House

Could you live in a space that is only about 300 square feet? That's about 30 feet long by 10 feet wide. The average bedroom is usually about a third of that, but you also need your kitchen, bathroom, dining room and if you want any living space that has to be worked in too. There are actually tutorials online to see how to build one of these tiny houses using a shipping container. Do you think you could live in a shipping container? Check out these tips to make a small space feel bigger.  


Tiny House Survival Guide

You know those transport trucks you see flying down the highway? Imagine living in one. This floor plan shows you how to build a two bedroom home inside a shipping container. It's appears to be fairly spacious given that it could fit on the back of a truck. But how do you manage in a small house like that? You make sure you use every square inch for something. These tricks also work for non-tiny houses, if you really have a lot of stuff.  

Under the bed storage

Use every storage opportunity you have, to help ease the burdens of needing things like separate dressers. It is actually a smart idea as long as you aren't sharing a bed with someone who sleeps a lot later than you.


Tiny sink

Save space where you can. Using a tiny thin sink you will save space that was otherwise wasted. This one even has built in places for your toilet paper and brush!

Build storage into your stairs

If each step has a cupboard you are bound to have enough space right?

Is it a bed or is it a desk?

Multi-functional furniture will become your best friend if you live in a tiny house.

Save counter space

No need for those chunky knife blocks, just put them on a magnet strip and attach it to some hinges.

Build a loft for your bedroom

Save all that space on your main level for the kitchen and living areas and move the bedroom upstairs. A lot of these tiny houses can actually fit a king size bed and it won't even be in the way.

Take advantage of a nice day

You might be able to build an adjustable house if you can raise up a wall when the weather is nice to increase living space. So what do you think? Could you live in a tiny house even with all these tricks? Personally I think they would be good for a weekend getaway but I think I would max out at a month or two before I missed having a full size shower. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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