Tiny Police Dog Saves The Day In This Adorable Video

Police dogs are trained from birth to do a dangerous and important job, so sometimes it's important to have a little fun.

This German shepherd puppy may not be ready to chase down criminals yet, but he's already practicing. In this video from the Manchester police department, he gets to pretend he's bringing down a bad guy who's on the run.

He's still a little impatient, and the world's slowest "criminal" isn't much of a challenge, but you can tell this dog has the chops to be really tough when he's all grown up. His bark is still worse than his (very small) bite, but you just may die of cuteness watching this video.

As inspector Tariq Butt wrote on Twitter when he shared this video, "I think this one is going to make it." The "bad guy" in this video is clearly the victim, because he should have been nominated for an Oscar for this performance!

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