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7 Tips To Boost Your Confidence!

Being confident is not something that everyone seems to be born with. Luckily for those of us who need a little help channeling our inner-Beyoncé, some amazing beauty bloggers shared some of their best tips. Body image is a struggle, especially in the age of over-documentation. Everyone is always snapping a thousand pictures and you can't always control the angles. So it's important to learn to accept yourself and be confident in who you are no matter what. Here are some tricks to help you out!

If you like it, wear it.


Alysse Dalessandro from Ready To Stare says that "confidence isn't about living up to anyone's standards but your own, so forget all the rules and limitations."

Positive Affirmations can help you feel better.

Sometimes no one else will tell you what you need to hear, so you have to do it yourself. Kelly Augustine explains that she is often critical of herself so she has to "make sure to stop amidst the chaos, bunker down in front of a mirror, stare myself straight in the eyes and reassure myself that I'm beautiful and strong and have the tools to make it through the day.

Find your own personal confidence boost


Essie Golden loves a pair of sunglasses to give her a little confidence. "Anytime I put a pair on, I feel like a badass."

Wear what makes you feel good.


Jeniese Hosey says that people should wear what they feel good in - whether or not it is in style.

Try the scary thing


We all have that one thing we want to try out but are too afraid. For Margot Meanie it was crop tops. She worked her way up to it and now rocks them all the time whenever she wants. She says the best way to boost your confidence is to "try the scary thing".

Find your 'Power Color'


Both Pepper M. Martin and Misti Schindele advocate for the 'power color'. Martin explains the "color can affect our mood, energy level, and overall personality". They suggest you explore your closet and experiment with color to see which is your "Power Color".

Lipstick can work wonders!


Rikke Klint's secret strategy to deal with dips in her confidence is "banging lipstick"! "There's no way to not feel badass and ready to conquer the world with bold lips." Find your confidence color and wear it when you need an extra boost. You can see all these tips and more on Refinery29.

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