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11 Tips To Keep Your Driveway Clear Of Snow This Year

Shoveling snow might actually be the worst part of winter. Those piles of white fluffy death make everything seem so terrible.

Sure, it looks pretty. And the kids love it. But we, as functioning adults, would rather have clean roads than an icy driveway.

Well we here at want to give you a couple tips on how to keep that driveway super clean and non-slip this winter!

1. Shovel it.

2. Ya, you need to keep shoveling.

3. Ask your dog to come keep you company because you definitely need to keep shoveling.

4. Honestly you can't stop shoveling yet.

5. YOU CAN STOP SHOVELING! Haha I'm totally kidding keep going.

6. Get another dog if you have to. You have to keep shoveling.

7. OMG I thought of a GREAT idea! It's called "keep shoveling."

8. Do you have friends? Do they have shovels?

9. Are you still shoveling? You should be.

10. Look how much progress you're making! Keep shoveling!

11. If all else fails, just move to Florida.

What are your tips!? I'm sure ours were very helpful ;)

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