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Toaster Bags Are The Answer To That Terrible Grilled Cheese Hack

Instead trying out that terrible life hack that was circulating a while ago that made people tip their toasters on the side to make a grilled cheese, now you can easily make one with out worrying about melted cheese dripping all over your appliance. Toaster bags let you make a grilled cheese with your toaster in the normal upright position and they hold everything all together so you don't have to risk it with this Pinterest lie.

Instead of ending up with half burnt bread and your cheese slipping off into the electronics, you just use one of these toaster bags and you get it perfect every time!

These toaster bags hold everything all together in a toaster safe bag that helps the bread cook while securing the cheese inside and preventing any leaks. The bags are coated with Teflon so you don't have to worry about anything sticking to them and they also are reusable! 50 grilled cheeses per toaster bag! That's a lot of grilled cheese!

So next time you go to make grilled cheese and the thought of getting out a frying pan is too much work, try out these toaster bags!


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