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Toddler Lost In The Siberian Wilderness Is Saved By Puppies

When 3-year-old Tserin Dopchut went missing from his grandmother's home in the Russian village of Khut, over 100 rescuers and a helicopter were deployed to find him.

While his grandmother was folding laundry, the little boy had wandered into the frigid wilderness and disappeared. For three days rescuers searched the region's dense, expansive forests with no luck.

Then, one of the rescuers noticed some puppies and a mother dog walking from the grandmother's house into the woods.

On a whim, the rescuer followed the puppies who led him straight to little Dopchut  - just two miles from home, sitting under a tree. It turns out that the puppies and their mother had followed Dopchut as he wandered into the woods. The dogs came and went between the forest and his grandmother's home, keeping the boy company and providing him with warmth.

This little, "Siberian Mowgli" survived his wilderness adventure thanks to the little pack of pups and a chocolate bar that he had in his pocket. News reports say that he is expected to make a full recovery.

We hope these hero pups were rewarded with treats and belly rubs!

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