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Family Suing After Toddler's Foot Almost Torn Off in Crocs Incident

It's been a bad year for Crocs. First, a study was released showing that they're actually really bad for your feet. Now they're being sued by a Texas family, who's toddler's foot got caught in a moving escalator, causing immense damage to the child's foot.

The lawsuit claims the shoe were "negligently and improperly designed," and also lays blame on the hotel for not maintaining the escalator's safety. The boy's foot got caught between a step and the side of the wall, and it wasn't until the escalator was almost at the top that someone hit the emergency stop button. The boy was trapped for nearly an hour before a rescue team was able to free him.

The injury was severe enough that doctors are legitimately concerned that his foot may have permanent growth plate damage. It severed several tendons and muscles, broke bones, and required surgery to repair the injured skin on his foot.

According to the lawsuit, Crocs has previous knowledge of their shoes getting trapped in small spaces on escalators. All serious injuries reported have involved young children.

Crocs has not commented on the situation, as it is their policy not to comment on pending litigation.

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