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Tom Hanks Continues To Prove He Is Worlds Greatest Celebrity By Sending Selfies To Fans

Tom Hanks continues to be the world's most favorite celebrity. His fans, aka the entire human race, are often surprised by just how genuine and lovely he is. This time, he surprised a fan with a personalized letter including a Polaroid picture to prove he really wrote it!

He must receive thousands of letters, but he was kind enough to actually read this one from a Reddit user who posted the reply she received. He wrote the letter on a typewriter which just makes him even more charming.

The letter just makes him more likable, admitting that sending head shots is vain (which is why he opted for the silly selfie) and that the songs from That Thing You Do are still stuck in his head. See, stars really are just like us!

Thanks for continuing to prove you are amazing Tom Hanks! We all love you!

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