15 Crazy Fair Foods That Will Make Your Mouth Water

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Like the long, sunny days that fade into warm dusky nights, country fairs are still going strong late into September. That means more fun and more food!

One of the main attractions to any good fair is the food. Everything deep fried, chocolate coated, battered, buttered and rolled is fair game when it comes to these crazy carnival creations and we've lined up our top 15 tastiest and most terrifying concoctions available in North America!

Big Pickle Corn Dog

Let's start off easy with a combination of two deep fried foods that we're familiar with: pickles and hot dogs. You can find deep fried pickles stuffed with hot dogs at the Chicky's Chicken booth at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Python Kebabs

If you're interested in something a little more exotic, may we suggest snake? These kebabs are grilled with Worcestershire sauce, liquid smoke, Old Bay and lemon-pepper. Find them at the California State Fair in Sacramento.

Bacon Tacos

Thick slices of Canadian Bacon, or back bacon, topped with  pulled pork, topped with mango pico and light burrito sauce. Find this bad boy created by Bacon Nation at The Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Turn the page to get a glimpse of the fair food that makes Iowa proud.

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