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Town Makes It Illegal To Wear Saggy Pants

If you wear saggy pants in Timmonsville, South Carolina then you better be ready to cough over $600 in fines.

The small town recently voted 5-1 in favor to prohibit public nudity, pornographic material in public, and pants or shorts that reveal underpants.

If you violate the law, you could get up to a $600 fine with a minimum fine of $100.

"It's about time that someone does something," one mother wrote on the Timmonsville town Facebook page. "It is indecent. My 8-year-olds have pointed out to me men with their belt buckles right over their privates. That, in my eyes, is very near exposure."

If you are caught too many times with your pants intentionally low in the town, you'll be added to a repeat offender sagging pants registry. Anyone who is in the registry and then caught with their pants too low AGAIN will be subjected to fines.

What do you think of this law? Does it make sense? Or is it a dangerous path into controlling how people dress?

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