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Toy Store Commercial Ignored Gender Norms And Totally Nailed It

How sick of toy store commercials are you? Probably pretty sick of them if you ever watch TV for more then a half hour. This toy store has taken that as a challenge and made the greatest commercial that not only ins't annoying, but actually takes the gender norms that accompany toys and shut them down completely. In this commercial there is a little animated character named Oscar, singing a parody of Beyoncé's "If I Were A Boy" changed to "If I Were a Toy".

The commercial has many different scenes with different styles of toys. The best part is, the toys aren't necessarily just the typical toys that a boy is shown with on TV. While Oscar flies as a rocket there are Barbie's floating around with him.

And then he lands into a dress to become "Queen of the Furbies" and it is perfect.

He waves to his loyal subjects and is totally happy about it.

The reaction to the ad has been great, with a lot of families happy to see a store finally giving up on the gender stereotypes that we force on children.

The best part about the ad was that it doesn't even make it a huge deal that he is queen, it just moves past it because it is not a huge deal at all.

So good job Smyths! You nailed it! Watch the adorable commercial below and let us know what you think.

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