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21 Translations That Don't Quite Translate

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English is a very complex language and it's not a surprise that most people struggle with learning it. Even people who are native speakers can't speak it perfectly.

But you would think that a legitimate establishment would actually put some effort into their translations, no?

Take a look at these hilariously awful translations and see if you can figure out what they were actually trying to say!

(WARNING: Some of these may have foul language. Don't blame us. Blame the translator.)

1. If I was careful, I would not be slipping at all. But thank you.

2. This seems like a risky form of reverse psychology.

3. This is very vague and also very specific.

4. What does grass even dream about?

5. Awww curled poo was my wedding flower!

6. Ah yes. The 3 U's. Un-reduce, Un-reuse, Un-recycle.

7. Other than that, though, you're pretty great.

8. It's like you're my own personal cheerleader! Thanks for letting me pee in the pool!

9. Should I be calling the Ghostbusters orrr...?

10. I love a good sale!

11. Look I found a soup for you.

12. This is arguably the exact opposite.

13. That seems expensive, no?

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