Trapped Passengers Call 911 After Airline Refused To Help

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Passengers on Air Transat Flight 157 are demanding answers from the airline after they were left sitting on the tarmac for 6 hours.

The flight, an eight hour journey from Brussels to Montreal, was diverted to Ottawa after thunderstorms in the area. Passengers were not allowed to leave the plane, and things started to get messy.

The hundreds of passengers were told the plane needed to re-fuel, which is what was causing the delay. After that, staff told the passengers the fuel truck had actually run out of fuel. This was the only information given to them.

Passengers began to panic, as hours went by with no information. Once the power went out, things got chaotic.

Laura Mah, a passenger on the plane, spoke to CBC News while she was still on the plane.

"The plane actually lost power and went zero AC [air conditioning], and then now we've got the doors open and one kid is puking, and people are just losing their minds," she said. "I'm super pissed," Mah said. "I'm just really hot, I'm sweating, and I haven't eaten. … I'm hungry and they only rationed the food to give little snacks to kids, which is good. Luckily, they started bringing in bottles of water from the outside, like 45 minutes ago, but no food. I'm starving."

Continue reading to find out who called 911, and how the airline tried to pass blame.

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