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15 Things Everyone With Wanderlust Needs In Their Home

Do you suffer from Wanderlust? Do have a continuing need to travel that never seems to be satisfied? Well, not all of us have enough money or time to travel as much as we would like, but we can incorporate some travel themed decor into our homes to help either ease the desires or maybe just encourage it. Not totally sure, but either way these home decor items will inspire you to create a beautiful living environment that will be a welcome rest spot for any weary traveler.

Wood Map Wall Art

This gorgeous piece of decor really gives a warmer feel to an otherwise modern room.

Map Lampshade

Another way to work the travel theme into your home is to get a lampshade that features a print of a map right on it. Then when you get really bored of whatever the person in charge of the remote is watching you can work on memorizing all the countries in Europe or South America.

Framed Maps and Licence Plates

This one is really easy to do yourself, with just a map and some scissors you are able to make these yourself. Add a few licence plates from different areas and you have yourself a really cool looking travel history. Tutorial at My Passion for Decor

Hanging World Mobile

Decorate those parties with something a little prettier than streamers with these DIY hanging maps that apparently can be made from items found at a thrift store. Daily Candy

Wrapping Paper

If your wanderlust runs deep or you know someone who is a travel addict, use maps as wrapping paper to have your gift stand out. Chic Site

Scratch Off Travel Map

I actually gave one of these as a gift last Christmas to some travel-enthusiasts. The map is essentially a poster sized scratch card that you scratch off countries you have been to reveal the color underneath. That way you can easily plan your next vacation or see all the places you have been. They are available at many different stores, I have seen them in a few places including Amazon.

Outdoor Travel Signs

Make your own personalized sign of all the places you either want to go or have been or even a mixture of both! Make place look a little different and stick them all together to create a unique item to proudly display in your own yard.

Framed Countries or States

With any map you can find you could cut out the state or country that you choose and in a clear frame you can copy this really interesting piece of art. Say you wanted to make something for your grandparents or parents, cut out the country where your family is originally from and give them it as an awesome and unique gift.

Upgrade your Light Fixtures

Who says you have to have a plain light? By adding a compass to your ceiling you will create a statement piece at the top of the room.

Map Mural

Go big or go home right? This giant mural really makes a statement for someone who wants a vintage inspired look to their room.

Map Table

Head on out to the thrift store and find yourself an old table and then with some chalk paint, some Mod Podge and a map you can create this gorgeous table that would be really cool for any one who loves to travel.

Adventure Inspiration Floor Mat

If the last thing you see before you head out your door tells you to take an adventure will you? It's worth a shot right!

Photography Travel Wall

This photography wall is extremely awesome. It uses string and framed pictures to tie into the decal of the world to make a personal travel journal on display. Pick your favorite pictures from the trip and pin the string where it happened to show off your adventures.

Large Map with text

This looks great for and could be done yourself. If you have a large map you just need to stencil out the word of your choosing like 'explore' or 'adventure' and put it on the frame. If you are worried about damaging your map you don't even have to stick it directly to the paper. You could always stick the lettering onto the glass of the frame so you don't have to worry about ripping the paper. Then you could always switch up the words if you get bored of it!

Travel Map Table

This tutorial on the Lovely Greens shows you how to make a really cool personalized travel map that they turn into a folding table. It is a good addition for those with RVs to have a table on the go. You could also just display it in your house, updating it the more you travel.

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