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TRIGGERED: This Beaver Trashed The Christmas Aisle After Seeing Fake Trees

It was a typical day at a dollar store in St. Mary's County Md., until one very bad beaver waddled into the shop.

He made his way through the store before finding the artificial Christmas tree aisle and promptly lost his sh*t.  The unimpressed beaver trashed the place and attempted to flee the area when the sheriff's department arrived.

Animal control managed to capture the cranky critter and released him to wildlife rehab. Hopefully they'll teach him how to manage his holiday rage while he's there.

See the evidence for yourself below!

Beaver checks out the Christmas display, everything seems to be in order...

This was probably the moment he realized that these trees were fakes


He managed to pull a few things off of shelves before being apprehended.

Let this be a lesson to all beavers and cranky Christmas shoppers - vandalism is not the answer!

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