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Trump Supporters Boycott Starbucks After The CEO Makes Important Announcement.

In response to President Trump's immigration ban, Starucks CEO Howard Schultz announced that the company would hire 10,000 refugees at Starbucks locations around the world - starting in the U.S.

In his letter to partners, he highlighted this decision among other programs that would remain consistent with the "promise of the American Dream."

"We are developing plans to hire 10,000 [refugees] over five years in the 75 countries around the world where Starbucks does business," Schultz said in a letter to employees. "And we will start this effort here in the U.S. by making the initial focus of our hiring efforts on those individuals who have served with US troops as interpreters and support personnel."

When news broke, Trump supporters were enraged:

Trump supporters called for a ban on the chain with twitter tag #BoycottStarbucks, promised never to support the franchise again and basically argued that the refugees would blow us all up.

Because, yah, that's logical.It should be noted that the company will "focus on hiring people who served with U.S. troops as interpreters and support personnel."On the other hand, people who supported the decision began to use the hashtag in their own counter-tweets:

What do you think? Would you boycott Starbucks, or do you think their commitment to the American Dream?Let us know in the comments below!

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