Twin Boys Tried To Sell Their 8ft Teddy Bear And Someone Very Unexpected Bought It

Money is hard to come by when you're a kid. Extra chores, Christmas money, and yard sales become your best sources of income. And sometimes that means parting with the things you love.

But something tells me these boys don't mind too much after an A-List celebrity stopped to help them out.

8-year-old twins, Allen and Brandon, were in California trying to sell "Big Bear", their 8ft tall teddy bear. The asking price was a clean $50. An hour in to the endeavor, they had no luck.

Tim Alexander

The boys were starting to lose hope, when all of a sudden a white Cadillac pulled up and someone extremely unexpected stepped out.

Out pops Angelina Jolie! Jolie happily paid the boys $50 each for their bear and stopped to pose for some pictures with the family. The boys didn't totally know who she was at first, but after some explanation from Dad and a Kung Fu Panda reference they figured it was a pretty big deal.

Jolie had a tough time shoving the giant bear into the trunk of the Cadillac, but she managed. It's still unclear as to why she bought the bear, but it's probably just because she's a great person.

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