Two Dogs Are Stranded On A Drifting Canoe, What Happens Next Will Make You Gasp.

Retrievers will bring back anything, but what if they're the ones who need retrieving? When Rusty the golden retreiver and his pal see a drifting canoe, they jump inside and are carried away by the current. Their barks for help are heart breaking as they pace inside the feather-light vessel. Your heart will stop at 0:06 when the boat tips. Their master calls from the shore and Rusty throws a blue rope over the edge. What happens next will make you gasp...

Watch what happens at 0:17 when their buddy, Robby, jumps in the water:

Dogs are pack animals and they will do anything to protect their family, it's no wonder Robby didn't hesitate to jump in and save the day! These two sure seemed happy to see him swimming to their rescue. Are you a dog lover? Has your pet had a hero moment? Let us know in the coments below and don't forget to like and share!

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