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Stunning Two-Faced Cat Has A Genetic Abnormality To Thank For Its Unique Look

Is there anything cuter than a unique looking kitten? Not according to the 17 thousand people who follow this one! Yana is the sweetest looking little cat with a perfect split down the center of her face, making her look kind of like the Batman villain Two Face. (Although I would much rather deal with the cat version.)

Genetic abnormalities are to thank for cats like this little split-faced. The abnormality is called chimera and happens when the cat has cells from two or more different zygotes combining into one.

Yana isn't the only famous chimera cat, there is a cat named Venus who looks like the flipped version of Yana!

This cat is truly beautiful, but also pretty goofy. She often has her tongue hanging out while she sleeps and apparently loves to play fetch. Look how cute this little girl is!

Who are some of your favorite cats you follow? Share them in the comments!

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