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Two Idiots Get A $15,000 Fine After Posting This Cruel Photo Online

In today's edition of "Yes, There Is Such A Thing As Oversharing", two friends in Australia are in serious trouble after posting a cruel picture on Facebook.

The post in question shows the two men standing on the back of a turtle (whether or not it was dead is unsure) pretending to surf on it.

The post quickly received negative feedback (OBVIOUSLY) and ultimately the post was taken down. Not before someone managed to grab a screenshot of the post, though.

This photo was also shared:

Obviously this picture didn't  go unnoticed by the media. A Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services spokesperson says they have already launched an investigation into the incident. The main question they want to know is whether or not the turtle was dead before the men stood on it.

"There is some evidence to suggest that this turtle was deceased at the time of the photo. QPWS are taking this matter seriously and investigating further," they said. The spokesman added that the maximum fine is $20,000 AUD or $15,000 USD.

Whether or not the turtle was dead to begin with is kind of irrelevant, honestly. If it wasn't, then this is just even more awful. But even if the animal WAS dead beforehand, that doesn't mean it's okay to stand on the carcass and snap a photo for Facebook.

Both men have made their social media accounts private at this point, although maybe that should have been done earlier.

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