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Two Kittens Rescued In Russia Are Mirror Images Of Cuteness

Lucky for these adorable twins, Anya Yukhtina spotted their abandoned basket in the street near Moscow, Russia.

She stayed up night and day nursing the weak little babies back to health. They cuddled together throughout the night and refused to be separated - even for a minute.

Each baby was fed and cleaned, then wrapped up tightly for warmth. As time passed, the brothers grew stronger and now they're the happiest cats in Russia! Check out these Instagram photos of their rescue and recovery taken by Anya herself!

When Anya found them, they were just tiny, shivering babies!

She immediately brought them home and nursed back them to health.

Then, they were swaddled and fed

With lots of love, these kittens began to put on weight

and their fur grew longer!

Eight months later, the brothers are fully grown and still inseparable

They are Yin and Yang - mirror images of each other!

Seriously, they are the cutest ginger cats you've ever seen!

And they lived happily ever after!

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