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Two Sisters Both Pregnant With Twins Surprise Their Families With Adorable Gender Reveal Party

Having a sister is a pretty wonderful thing. They share a bond that no one else will ever share. For these sisters, their special relationship was about to grow in a really rare way.

Both sisters became pregnant at the same exact time! They are even due within the same week! Its a very unusual situation, but must be such a wonderful thing to have someone to share all the experiences of pregnancy with. Now, this is where it got a little bit crazy, not only did they both get pregnant at the same time, but they were both pregnant with not one, but two babies! Twins!

To celebrate their pregnancies they decided to throw a gender reveal party for their families. They didn't know what the genders of their babies were, so they had all their family make their predictions and eventually opened the boxes to reveal the genders.

What a fun way to celebrate such a happy time!

Would you do this if you were having a baby? Gender reveal parties are becoming more common lately, and for good reason. Being surrounded by family is the perfect way to celebrate your new bundle of joy - or in this case bundles.

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