These Two Tiny Snow Leopard Cubs Make Their Adorable Debut

Two cute cubs made their public debut at Safari Zoo in Cumbria. The twins were born in June to mother, Kadi and zoo staff have named them Mishka and Natasja.

These 10-week-old cubs climb and play in their enclosure as mama looks on. One even gets a little too close to the camera and hisses as the lens moves. Be prepared to fall in love with their beautiful baby blues, gorgeous markings, big paws and claws!

Snow Leopards are a critically endangered species whose lives are threatened by encroaching human contact and livestock overgrazing. In response to this, the zoo created the Snow Leopard Trust. A conservation program that partners with five other coutries to care for more than 4,000 leopards in the wild. To learn more, check out their website.

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