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Two-Year-Old Girl With A Birthmark Stands Up To Bullies In The Best Way Possible

Lydia is only two years old and already has more maturity than some full grown adults. She has a "port wine stain" birthmark on her face that is very prominent, but she doesn't let it get her down. The adorable little girl's mother, Kelly Wilson Bossley shared the story on Facebook explaining how she noticed some of the kids looking at Lydia when they walked into the classroom of her preschool. They were whispering about the bruising on her face surrounding her birthmark (due to recent treatments) but instead of letting their words upset her, Lydia had the perfect response.

"Lydia simply walked over to her cubby, pulled out the copy of Sam's Birthmark and handed it to her teacher to read to the class" Kelly Wilson Bossley (Lydia's mom) - Facebook.

Her mother was blown away by this young child's ability to take care of herself and teach others how to be more accepting. Even the author of the children's book was inspired by the story, expressing their joy over how their book has helped kids like Lydia.

Kelly says that people have said terrible things about her daughter directly to her face. Things like "she would be so pretty, if it wasn't for her face" or having other children refuse to play with her because of her "purple face". Kelly made the effort to teach her daughter all about her birthmark so she wouldn't feel ashamed of it.

"I made a conscious effort to tap down my mama bear and instead be a model for my daughter so that when I wasn't around to protect her, she could deal with it in a positive manner. Overall, I want her to know that people are inherently good, and she is in a unique position to educate others if she chooses to." Kelly Wilson Bossley

This beautiful girl is already such a wonderful little human whose story will hopefully help out other kids who are self conscious or bullied!  

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