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There Are Four Different Types Of Virgos, Which One Are You?

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If you thought that everyone born under the same astrological sign was basically the same, you thought wrong. Every one of the astrological signs has their own subgroups that form based on which of the traits that person tends to lean towards.

Of course, everyone is unique and has a combination of traits that make up their personality. But when you really think about your most defining qualities, there is always one standout that people use to describe you. Finding your type of personality can help you feel a lot more comfortable with who you are, so let's see which one you are.


1. The Silent Observer

You are the type who likes to sit back in a room and assess the situation before jumping in. You have a keen eye for detail and always remember everything. You are a romantic and sentimental person who treasures sweet moments with the people they love.

You are analytic about situations and thoughtful when making choices, however, you always need to think before you act and that can get in your way, which sometimes causes you to freeze when making choices.

2. The Natural Leader

You are assertive, confident, and aren't afraid to stand up for what you believe in. You speak up for what you want and are known to follow through with your goals. You want perfection all the time and will just keep going until it's right and you expect everyone around you to do the same.

You are independent and enjoy being in control, however, at times this can be frustrating because you might try take over situations that you shouldn't and it doesn't always go over well.

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