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UK Woman Spends $4,400 On Christmas Presents For Her Dogs

Part of the fun of having a pet is spoiling them, but people are wondering if Katy Harris from Cheshire, England has taken things too far this Christmas.

Harris told the Daily Mail that the cost of presents for her three Boston terriers - Beau, Sooty, and Noodle - reached over $4,400 dollars.

But just look at these cuties and tell us they're not worth it:

This isn't the first time Harris has made the news for spoiling her beloved pets, earlier this year the Mail reported she spends more than $34,000 a year on her pampered pooches, including the cost of redesigning her home to build them a dressing room and a dog-friendly kitchen.

This time, people are obsessing over the luxurious Christmas gifts Harris bought for her pets, including advent calendars full of dog treats, hand-made stockings, collars, sweaters, and a holiday photo shoot,

Harris admits she spends more on her dogs than her husband - who she often hides the receipts from - but she says they deserve it.

"He's quite happy for me to spoil them though," she says, "he'll roll his eyes at some of the things I get them but he loves them as much as I do - and he's used to me going over-the-top with them by now.

"We don't have children, so the dogs are like our babies."

If she wasn't spending the money on Christmas gifts for her dogs (like their own tree) Harris says she would spend it on handbags or shoes instead.

"If you've got to have an obsession," Harris says, her dogs are "a nice one to have."

While Sooty, Beau, and Noodle are already enjoying their gifts, they still have a dog-friendly three course meal  for Christmas dinner to look forward to, complete with steamed vegetables and chicken with gravy.

"People say I'm crazy," Harris says, "but as long as the dogs have a great Christmas that's all I care about."

Love her or hate her, we're sure Harris' three dogs don't have much to complain about.

Are you spoiling your dog this year, or are they on the naughty list?

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