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Unemployed Man Buys This Decrepit Home, Transforms It In Just 60 Days

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maytherman2 / Imgur

They say that every cloud has a silver lining, but it looks like this house flipper's storm cloud was full of gold.

Imgur user maytherman2 recently shared the unlikely journey that led him to become a house flipper, and the before and after photos of his first project prove that he has a talent for his new job.

The flippers had never seen the house when they bought it at auction.Maytherman2 / Imgur

The amateur flipper says he was working in the tech business until he was laid off early this year. To make ends meet, he started painting houses for a friend's company. Eventually, the pair realized they could make more money by flipping homes in Seattle's crazy housing market than by painting them.

But the pair quickly got in over their heads:

Notice the water damage underneath the floor.Maytherman2 / Imgur

“We partnered up, set up an LLC, emptied our bank accounts, I maxed my credit cards, got a loan from my parents and we bought this house at auction sight unseen (don't buy something sight unseen, as if that isn't already obvious),” he wrote.

The home they bought had been abandoned for months, and was a favorite spot for local squatters and drug users. But in just 60 days these two turned it into a genuine dream home...

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