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Unicorns Are Roaming The Streets Of London!

If you were wondering where to find a unicorn, turns out there are a bunch in London! I can think of no better way to get to work, than a carriage being pulled by a unicorn.

This majestic spectacle is courtesy of the #MagicTogether campaign by the mobile network Three and ZTE. Because when you think mobile networks and cell phones, you think unicorns? The 'Unicabs' are going to be out again on Friday, October 28th, but unfortunately they are all reserved.

The carriages are big enough the seat four people and have the new ZTE Blade V7 phone inside so passengers can share photos of the experience. Talk about viral marketing! You better believe that whoever invented this campaign is going to get a healthy Christmas bonus this year!

The unicorns all have rainbow manes and tails and colorful hooves. They definitely add a bit of magic to the boring drive into work! The company wanted to brighten up people's commute into work, and they obviously have!

The people who have been lucky enough to ride on these amazing Unicabs seem to have loved the memorable experience.

'I usually get the tube to work but this morning I hopped on a unicorn parked outside my usual tube station, Bank – it was definitely an experience I won't forget in a hurry, even if I did get a few strange looks from passers-by!' - Michelle Clarke from Shoreditch London

How badly do you want to ride in to work in a Unicab? This is the kind of marketing I actually enjoy!

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