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15 Unimpressed Cats Who Are So Over You

Cats are notoriously anti-social, unless it's on their terms. They come with so many rules. Don't touch their stomachs, don't touch their tails, don't expect any kind of gratitude, etc.

But for some reason we still love them. It's actually a scientific oddity. Cats still stick around, though. They haven't killed us as a species yet. So to celebrate, here are some pictures of cats completely unimpressed with the world but aren't going to do anything about it.

1. "I don't remember agreeing to be the designated driver for your bachelorette party, but whatever."

2. "I know you're technically the superior species here, but I'm pretty sure that's not how you use it."

3. "We agreed no costumes this year. I don't care how many like you'll get on Instagram."

4. "Don't you dare post a picture of me looking like a painted whore."

5. "Did I not explicitly ask for some privacy so I could drink my wine and take care of some personal business?"

6. "You said I had to go outside, you did not say I needed to enjoy it."

7. "Really? This was a necessary thing you had to do?"

8. "I think it's a pretty common fact that cats don't enjoy water so I really don't know what you were thinking here."

9. "Oh sorry, did we confuse you in to thinking you were invited to sit with us?"

10. "Very funny, Steven."

11. "In the future, please knock first."

12. "Yes, Tammy, I appreciate the effort you put into it but I'm telling you I will not be caught dead wearing this in public."

13. When I said I'd come to high tea you conveniently forget to mention the hat."

14. "Get out of my study."

15. "You could not have picked a worse time.

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