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Unimpressed Senior Cat Carrying ​Abandoned Baby Monkey Is Every Parent After 4 P.M.

Sixteen-year-old Rosinka the cat has (reluctantly?) adopted a baby monkey that had been abandoned by it's mother at a Russian zoo. When the mother refused to carry baby Fedor, Rosinka was volunteered for the job.

Zoo Director, Tatyana Antropova wasn't sure how the two would get along, but once the baby latched onto it's new mom's fluffy back, a bond was formed.

Fedor and Rosinka are inseparable and will be together for the next month, after that, he'll be transferred back to the zoo to live with his relatives.

Rosinka, who has never had babies, patiently carries the squeaky, wriggly monkey on her back. It looks a little awkward, but she seems to have adapted to her new role.

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