Unwanted Cat Finds Love In Girl With Special Needs

Laura is a 14-year-old from Spain who suffers from methemoglobinemia, a blood disorder that affects her neurological and physical development. It's a rare hereditary disorder that is passed on genetically.

Laura's mother, Isa, decided a therapy animal might be a good idea so Laura could have a companion.

Isa chose to get Laura a cat whom she adopted from Lorca Animal Rescue. Lou is a senior cat who had been having difficulties getting adopted.

"We didn't understand why Lou couldn't find a family, being such a docile and affectionate cat. Now we understand everything," they wrote online. "He was waiting for little Laura, that is the name of this wonderful angel, and her mom Isa. Thank you, Isa, for opening your heart a little more and giving this opportunity to Lou."

When Lou and Laura met, they instantly hit it off. Isa took a video of the new BFFs and Lorca Animal Rescue posted it to Facebook.

Look at the joy on Laura's face! And it looks like Lou is enjoying the love, as well.

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