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Unwanted Cat With Massive Tumor Survives Surgery, Ready For Forever Home

Keta the cat was born on the streets of New York and lived a life on the run. When she was picked up by an animal care center, her life almost ended.

Not only was she wild, but Keta also suffered from a massive tumor that made it nearly impossible for her to eat, see and breathe.

The tumor was so large it stuck out her bottom lip. The animal care center decided to euthanize her because the cost of surgery would be too great, and her chance of survival was pretty low.

Thankfully, Unwanted NYC Pets learned about Keta's story and quickly went to work raising money for her surgery.

Volunteers were able to raise enough to get Keta the surgery and prayed that this sweet animal would survive and thrive afterwords.

Little Keta is a fighter! The tumor was completely removed and she is finally able to eat, see and breathe comfortably.

Now Keta is ready for her forever home!

If you think you would be a good match for sweet Keta, and you live in New York, contact Unwanted NYC Pets through their website or Facebook.

Let's get her home for the holidays!

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