Usain Bolt Stops Live Interview to Pay His Respects To U.S. National Anthem

Video has surfaced from the 2012 Olympics of fastest man alive, AKA Usain Bolt, in the middle of a live interview when all of a sudden he asks the reporter to stop.

"Can we cut the interview? Is it live?" asks Bolt. The reporter seems stunned and reluctant until Bolt explains why.

"It's the National Anthem," he explains. But it's not even his! The Olympic legend stopped his interview to honor the American National Anthem. What a classy move. He could have easily kept going, ignoring his competitor's success. Instead he stands silently facing the flag until the Star Spangled Banner is over. Once it ends, Bolt jumps right back in to the interview.

The video gave me chills! It's such a touching moment between countries.

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