Utility Worker Goes Viral After He's Photographed Waist Deep in Water

Don't worry. It's not sewage water.

This photo of 23-year old Jimmie Cox, a utility worker from the Acton Municipal Utility District, is going viral after Andrea Adams shared it on her Facebook page. Adams snapped the picture of Cox waist-deep in water as he was trying to fix a water line break on her front driveway.

"When I walked back outside, the kid was in there," Andrea told KVUE Newsews. She's not exaggerating, either. Jimmie Cox was five-feet deep trying to plug a one-inch pipe that had burst.

Within hours of posting the photo, Andrea had to shut down her Facebook account due to the overwhelming response. Cox is actually surprised at that amount of attention it's gotten.

"In this line of work, people do it a lot. The hole was about five-and-a-half foot deep. There was a lady running around," he said.

Adams said she's proud of Jimmie and his efforts, praising his willingness to go above and beyond (or...below and beyond) to help her. As for Cox, he says he's received a lot of random messages from people commenting on his efforts.

"Asking me, essentially, what the hell I was doing."

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