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Cats Are Still Afraid Of Cucumbers, But Don't Try This With Yours.

The internet is a strange place and most of us have too much work to do time on our hands.

Someone, somewhere stumbled upon one of the life's mysteries in 215 and it's circling back around.

Cats are afraid of cucumbers.

I get it, they're pretty frightening things. Green, tubular, cold.

I have a friend who is a self-professed carnivore. When he sees vegetables he, hisses and runs away.

But, enough about him. Let's see the cats:

Exhibit A:

Baaack away slowly...


Exhibit B:

Some astute observers noticed that cucumbers do look an awful lot like snakes. So, cat's being sensible animals, freak the heck out and run as far away as possible.

Because as we all know, you don't mess with snakes.


Seriously. I'd run too, if I thought it was a snake.


Sure, it's funny, but animal behaviorists suggest that it's probably not a good idea to startle your pets with vegetables.

"Since many people are placing the cucumbers behind their cats while they're eating, this confuses the animals." says animal behaviorist, Jill Goldman. "After all, it's not normal for a rogue cucumber to make a surprise appearance near the cat food."

To be fair, most of these reactions are happening because the kitties' guards are down when they're in their safe spaces.

So, be nice, keep the cukes in the fridge.

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