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One Stranger's Kindness Leads to the Night of a Lifetime

Toronto resident Tom Schenck was at the receiving end of the kindness of a stranger. Tom, a budding radio broadcaster, was on assignment for work when he randomly encountered a guy from New Orleans (here in referred to as Stranger). Stranger was in a dilemma, telling Tom he had come all the way from New Orleans to see The Tragically Hip, his favorite band, play one of their last shows. He and his wife had made a whole trip of it, taking in all the sights of the city. Unfortunately at the last minute, Stranger's wife was unable to attend the show. A sixth row, floor seat ticket with no one to use it.

While trying to decide what to do with his extra ticket, Stranger and Tom got to talking and it turns out Stranger had been a radio personality in New Orleans for 13 years. With Tom looking to be on-air as well, the two bonded over their mutual passions which include the Tragically Hip. Stranger asked Tom if he was going to the show and Tom lamented he was unable to get tickets to the iconic tour.

Stranger looked at Tom and said, "You know what, why don't you just come to the show with me? I've got sixth row on the floor, and there's no way I'm leaving a seat empty." Good guy Tom refused (politely of course), knowing how much that ticket could sell for to a scalper. But eventually he was convinced. At this point, Stranger and Tom realized they hadn't even introduced themselves. When Tom introduced himself, a wry smile grew on Stranger's face. He shook Tom's hand and said, "My name is Tommy." (I got goosebumps. Did you get goosebumps?)

Tommy was willing to give an incredible ticket to a guy he just met, purely out of the kindness of his heart. He could have easily sold that to someone. There's not shortage of people looking for last minute Tragically Hip tickets. It goes to show there's still good people in this world who aren't always looking to make a quick buck. For reference, Tragically Hip tickets are going upwards of $700 depending on the seat. That's not chump-change. Tom and Tommy (who we are now calling T-Squared) went to the concert and had the time of their lives. But more importantly, they showed us the importance of giving without expecting anything in return.

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