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Villagers In India Knit Giant Sweaters For Rescued Elephants

This is so cute you'll never forget it!

The Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Center cares for elephants that were abused and mistreated by their former owners. Last year, when they shared that their elephants were suffering during the almost freezing cold winter nights, locals came up with a very crafty solution.

Women from the nearby village of Mathura spent months knitting and crocheting enormous sweaters for the animals, who seem to like the warm and cozy feeling of their new duds, even if they don't appreciate the snazzy patterns.

The center's founder, Kartrick Satyanarayan, told the Mail the staff works hard to "give these elephants a life of dignity and protection while we also provide them ongoing treatment and care," and it's clear that they're willing to go the extra mile for these incredible creatures.

But the villagers better keep on knitting, Satyanarayan says he plans to buy more land to fit 50 more rescued elephants!

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