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Vintage Food Ads That Will Really Bring You Back

Advertising has been around as long as there have been products to sell. Food ads have changed a lot over the years, but one thing has remained the same: Advertising sure is weird. Not that advertising these days is any better, have you all seen that Puppy Monkey Baby thing? But it's always fun to look back on old advertisements and see just how different the world is now. Check out some of these ads and think about how you would feel if you saw them in circulation now.


Wife-Savers ... for weary wives. Thanks KFC but I don't think this would go over very well now!

Times have changed Colonel! The finger lickin' good chicken might still use those seven herbs and spices, but let's hope they aren't still using sexist ads.

Babies love soda!

Nothing hits the spot for a growing baby like carbonated beverages! I know kids drink them, but maybe wait until they are a bit older to advertise it.

Weight-lifter baby

This baby will haunt my dreams for sure. I don't know what Karo syrup is, but if it sounds like an energy drink for kids.

Cheez Whiz em!

It refers to Cheez Whiz as "that glorious cheese sauce" so you know it is some quality advertising.

But what is Potato Sauce?

I don't understand what potato sauce is, but it looks...interesting?


Hershey's Baking chocolate looks cute!

Hershey's did a good job at keeping their brand cute through the years.

Bread is very exciting

This kid loves bread. A lot.


Snap, Crackle and Pop used to look a lot different!

These little mascots have been around for a very long time!

Celebrity endorsements were always popular

Nothing like a Hollywood star to attract the attention to those tender pieces of chicken and glistening broth!

Corned Beef Hash at its best

Doesn't that look delicious?


Gelatin gives you vitamin-c without having to eat those pesky veggies!

Also it has fewer calories than a grapefruit! Yum Yum, nutritional Values!

To be fair I probably would do this if I walked by a box of Oreos too.

I think we can all relate to this girl right?


Spam is so versatile!

Say what you want about this mystery meat, but it is still sold all over the place to this day so obviously they are doing something right.


Peas are very exciting.

Have you ever been this happy about canned peas?

Now if these still exist, I need some.

Although the coloring in these kids cheeks has me worried the vitamins may not be so great...

MEAT. That is a powerful message.

Also I don't know that hot dogs will keep you thin but maybe I am wrong.


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