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Vintage Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons Are Kind Of Terrifying

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and with it, comes the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. In New York, in 1924, Macy's wanted to drumb up business and did so by dressing in goofy costumes and walking six miles with animals and floats. Over time, the parade has changed. The route is a little bit shorter, and they no longer use live zoo animals, but the floats stuck around.

One of the best parts of the parades is to see what the big balloons are going to be. When you look back at the old pictures, they look a little bit spooky. Check out some of the coolest and strangest vintage Thanksgiving Day balloons.


1. This fish is terrifying.

2. This hippo looks like he is very hungry and will probably eat you.

3. Cool mustache buddy.

4. He is coming for you.

5. I wonder how many people had to help hold this, it goes on forever.

6. Those are some impressive biceps

7. This little pumpkin seems so minimal compared to all the others

8. The crocodile is going after that beer!

9. He is watching you.

10. The Tinman looks like he just saw something offensive and is trying to cover his eyes but they won't let him.

11. This is a few kinds of creepy.

12. This is how they paint them, confined in a tunnel with those big spooky eyes.

13. You my friend, are just so scary. Staring directly into my soul.

14. Someone needs a bit more air!

15. Just what Thanksgiving needs, a crying baby?

16. This guy has seen some serious stuff.

17. Is the goal to amuse children, or destroy their innocence and give them nightmares for all time?

18. This may not be a balloon, but if this came towards me I would just run away as fast as my legs would take me.

19. Do the people who make these balloons hate children?

20. Finally! A float that actually relates to Thanksgiving!

21. But then there is also this...

We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving - without the horrifying balloons!

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