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Viral Math Problem for 7-Year-Olds Has Parents In A Rage

It all started when UK mom, Louise Bloxham tweeted a picture of her child's year 2 (second grade) standard assessment test.

Hundreds of adults began to argue about the answer.

Some said it was two, others, insisted the answer was 46, some even said zero. Zero? Really? Come on people. Does anyone remember how to math anymore?

Can you solve it?

Standardized testing is out of control:

Regardless, this thing has made it's way around the internet numerous times since originally being posted in May 2016. Enraged parents not only argued about how to do math, they also were livid that their 7-year-olds were subject to this kind of challenging problem solving.

The issue wasn't so much the math problem, but the fact that standardized testing has been increasing with difficulty for children in primary schools.

Parents groups in the UK argue that excessive standardized testing is harming children because they are "developmentally inappropriate for the age groups involved. Children have been set up to fail."

In the UK, after standardized testing was implemented, less than 3/4 of year 2 students met the new standards. In math, 74 per cent of girls reached the expected level, compared with 72 per cent of boys.

Last year, in the United States, President Obama pledged to reduce the burden of standardized testing overload. Now, about eight states allow parents to opt out of the tests.

What do you think? Should tests get more difficult to challenge our young minds, or should testing be reduced in favor of higher-quality learning practices?

And by the way, the answer? Is 65.

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