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Elementary School Shooting Could Have Been Deadly If It Weren't For This Man

Jamie Brock is being called a hero after pinning an active shooter down, saving the lives of countless elementary school children.

A 14-year-old boy in South Carolina shot and killed his father before driving to his school and opening fire with a handgun. Volunteer firefighter Jamie Brock was the first on the scene when he saw the shooter. He wrestled him to the ground and subdued him until reinforcements arrived.

Brock's heroic actions allowed teachers to get students inside the building, preventing what would have presumably been a deadly shooting. One teacher, Meghan Hollinsworth, and two students were shot during the attack. There were no casualties.

"He risked his life to mitigate this incident," Anderson County emergency services director Taylor Jones said. "He used enough force to take him to the ground."

Jamie Brock, the volunteer firefighter who risked his life to save countless children.

Brock has been a volunteer firefighter for 30 years and lives just down the road from the school, which is why he was first on the scene. Brock doesn't want attention for his actions, and would rather stay humble and quiet about the situation. He believes he did nothing any other firefighter wouldn't have done.

Regardless of his choice to stay quiet, it doesn't change the fact that he's an absolute hero.

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