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Waiter Fired Over Question That Left Customers In A 'Complete State Of Shock'

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When a group of girls went out to lunch in Huntington Beach, California, they were expecting to have a nice meal and fun conversation. Instead, they were asked a question that stunned them and had them immediately speak to a manager.

Diana Carillo posted about her experience at the Saint Marc Pub-Cafe and people couldn't believe what had happened to her and her friends.  

It explains that while a few of her friends were being seated at the restaurant, the waiter asked them for "proof of residency". When they asked him to repeat the question he replied "yeah, I need to make sure you're from here before I serve you."

Such in-your-face- racism is hard to believe, and it took a minute for Carillo to even understand. Once she realized what was happening she wasn't about to let the rude waiter get away with it.

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