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Wait...Is This Bill Murray Or Tom Hanks?

Yesterday is was the oily or painted legs...today, it's Tom Hanks or Bill Murray.

There's a picture that's been circulating the internet for years of who we all THOUGHT was Bill Murray holding a screaming child. The photo was submitted to the website "Reasons My Son Is Crying" with the caption "Because he met Bill Murray."

All these years, we've been thinking "hey, Bill Murray is a great guy for playing along with this picture." That is, until someone asked a mind-blowing question:


You see it, don't you? At first you're thinking "ya that's totally Bill" but then you blink and it's magically Tom Hanks somehow.

Here's Tom:

And here's Bill:

Now, admittedly, the person whose child is in the photo confirms it's Bill Murray.

Okay so I guess mystery solved on this one...or is it?

Who do you think it is?

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