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Want To Get Unlimited Ice Cream For Only $2? Wendy's Frosty Key Tag Is Back!

Get a free Frosty? Yes Please!

The amazing frozen treat is getting its own special little membership that Wendy's is selling for only $2, that will let you get a free Frosty in 2017! All you have to do is purchase a "Frosty Key Tag" and then when you buy a combo, large entree salad or Pair 2, you will get to add a Jr Frosty for FREE!

They have done this promotion before, with the Frosty Key costing $1 last year. Even though the cost increased, they are still donating 90% of the proceeds to the Dave Thomas Foundation, the organization created by Wendy's founder to help find homes for children in foster care.

While the promotion has been going on for a while and people support the cause every year, some people are a little disappointed that it is only the Jr Frosty that they get.

Well, either way, free ice cream is free ice cream and I cannot say no to that! The Frosty Key will be valid until May 1st, 2017 so make sure you go out and pick one up now to take full advantage of it! They are available at participating locations now!

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