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Watch: Four Bystanders Save A Driver Stuck On Railway Tracks

Traffic cameras from Portland's KATU News caught a close call for a driver who found himself in a dangerous situation.

In the video, you can see the driver of this red Mustang stop on the railway tracks for a red light. They quickly realize they're stuck, and one of Portland's MAX transit trains is heading through the intersection.

Thankfully, four local heroes ran from their cars to push the Mustang out of danger, and today Portland is celebrating their quick thinking and big hearts. See this amazing rescue for yourself:

A few things to remember here: you should never ever stop on the railway tracks at a red light. Portland's transit authority also says the trains go very slow through the intersections, so the conductor would have stopped his train if he thought he would hit anyone, but we're still glad he didn't have to make that call.

Online, people are praising the four anonymous heroes for jumping into action.

Thank goodness these folks were in the right place at the right time! Luckily, there are still good people in this world willing to help each other out.

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