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Watch His Hilarious Reaction To Seeing Animals In Class

High school student Jalen Brooks' surprised expression during a presentation from a wildlife expert is going viral around the world today.

Brooks, who's a senior at Riverside Brookfield High School in Riverside, Illinois, was taped by his friend and classmate Jill Lojas during a local lizard expert's class visit.

Lojas says she was just trying to take a picture of the animals when she caught Brooks' hilarious expression and had to share it.

The presentation included a monitor lizard, a duck, a rooster, frogs, and an enormous python, which got the biggest reaction from Jalen.

"It was humongous!" Jalen told the Today Show "it was the largest python I've seen in my life."

While Brooks' surprised expression seems too big to believe, Lojas swears they didn't plan the video out beforehand.

"He had no idea I was filming him," Lojas said. "He's just a very animated guy."

The two students also had no idea how popular their video would turn out to be. So far Lojas' original tweet has been re-tweeted more than 130,000 times, and another student even made them matching t-shirts of Brooks' face.  

On social media, fans of Brooks have also been campaigning for him to be a guest on the Ellen Degeneres Show, sharing memes of Brooks' face using the hashtag #GetJalenOnEllen.

While Jalen is enjoying his viral fame, he says what he enjoys most is sharing his enthusiasm for learning with the world.

"I like this because it's spreading a positive message about paying attention in the classroom," Brooks said. "A lot of teachers are contacting me saying how much they enjoyed it. And the community is getting attention, too. It just makes me happy."

Here's hoping Jalen manages to get on Ellen and share his surprised face with an even bigger audience.

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