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This Daddy-Daughter Duet Will Melt Your Heart

Sometimes you see a young performer and you can just tell they're going to be a big star someday. That's what you'll think when you watch Claire Ryann and her dad Dave play their version of Randy Newman's "You've Got A Friend In Me."

You probably remember the song from Toy Story, but you haven't really heard it until you've watched Claire sing along while her dad plays the guitar. She has a great voice for someone who's only four years old, and they're so cute together!

See for yourself why more than a million people have watched - and loved - this video.

As you can tell from her very professional attitude, this isn't Claire's first time singing. She's been making videos with her dad since she was only three, and they've covered lots of classic Disney hits together.

Dave told Parents that one day while he was getting an oil change, Claire started singing one of her favorite songs from The Little Mermaid. While he was embarrassed, everyone in the waiting room loved it, and pulled out their phones to get her performance on camera.

This gave Dave the idea of recording Claire's performances for real, and sharing them on YouTube, and the rest is history. Now, people around the world are watching her videos and sharing how impressed they are with the pint-sized singer.

"Sings better than me," one commentor wrote. "She is soo adorable!" wrote another.

Dave says Claire has a long list of songs she wants to record, and they have plans to do them all, but until then there's lots more of her great performances on their YouTube page.

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