Watch This Dog Rescue His Friend From Some Scary Rapids

It's hard enough teaching your dog to sit, stay and roll over, but what about "save your friend by pulling him out of the river with your teeth?"

Rafael Franciulli doesn't have to worry about training his dog Poc to do that, because he's obviously figured it out for himself. This video from Cordoba, Argentina shows Conga almost being carried away by the river while playing in the water, but luckily Poc was there to make an incredible rescue.

If you wrote this into a Hollywood movie I wouldn't believe it. Poc saw his friend was in trouble and didn't pause for a second. The way he grabs the stick with his teeth at the last moment is really amazing.

Now if you were worried about Poc and Conga's safety, don't be. Franciulli showed in a second video that both dogs were completely safe the whole time.

Not only are these dogs great friends, they're good actors too, because I was totally convinced they were next to a huge cliff. Even if it wasn't a "life or death" decision for Poc, he still deserves a medal for his heroic save.

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