The Internet Is Mesmerized By Milky Way Time-Lapse Videos, Are You?

In the past few weeks, these beautiful time-lapse videos of the incredible, glittering Milky Way galaxy have captured the imaginations of millions of viewers. Two weeks ago, 360 Videos posted a brilliant clip of the Milky Way over Alaska, it has over 303 thousand views.

There is something about these videos of the changing sky that causes us all to pause.

Maybe it it the idea that we really are these tiny, beating hearts amid billions of brilliant stars. Maybe it is our children who bring out the wonder in us - what is out there? How did we get there? Or, maybe it is our faith that has us looking at the living universe through trusting and faithful eyes.

It doesn't really matter how, or why these videos attract us - the simple truth is that the universe is a beautiful place to be.

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