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Watch This Incredible Rescue Of A Drowning Woman And Her Dog In The Baton Rouge Floodwaters

On August 15, three men come upon a sinking red soft-top convertible. As they approach they can hear a woman's cries for help: she sounds disoriented and you can hear her say, "help, I'm drowning." As the rescuers begin to cut through the canvas top of the vehicle with a knife, the woman inside shouts, "watch the dog!"

The men have to act quickly, first they try to smash the window with what looks like a metal pole. When the window won't break they cut through the soft top and pry it open with the metal rod. The car takes on water and begins to sink rapidly, that's when Davind Phung jumps into the murkey waters and reaches down just as the car goes under. In a matter of seconds the woman's arms appear and he draws her up.

She is clearly in shock and very concerned for her dog in the car.Phung makes several attempts and the woman even goes underwater herself to rescue the pup. She comes up for air without the dog and when the young man tells her that he doesn't think he can get the dog, she begs him to try, she's had that dog for a long time. Phung goes under one more time, when he surfaces, a very shocked toy poodle is dripping wet in his arms. The hero tells the woman to swim back to the boat and her tiny dog begins to paddle on the water in his arms.

This brave and daring rescue is a true testament to human kindness and courage at play in Louisiana this week.

Rain and rising flood waters in Louisiana this severe is rare. It only happens about once every 500 years. Gov. John Bel Edwards of Louisiana has declared a state of emergency and President Barack Obama declared a major disaster in East Baton Rouge, Livingston, St. Helena and Tangipahoa. Federal funding for flood-related assistance will be delivered. Already, more than 20,000 people have been rescued from the massive floods.

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